Melting & Tempering Tanks

Our stainless steel chocolate melting/holding tanks have been specially designed to ensure easy operation, easy cleaning and most of all, reliability.

Our standard models are 500kgs (MT500) and 1500kg (MT1500), but we can easily make any size you require from 250kgs to 3000kgs.

Features (MT250 and upwards)

  • Robust, triple-skin construction with fully insulated water jacket
  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel [food-grade]
  • Digital thermostatic temperature control
  • Electrical safety cut-out fitted to lid
  • Agitator speed 35 rpm
  • Non-imersion ceramic heaters for ease of maintenance
  • Heated outlet butterfly valve
  • Top-mounted or bottom-mounted motor [as required]
  • Sloped internal tank base for efficient drainage