Chocolate Transfer Pump System

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The Keychoc Transfer Pump can be supplied to fit most tanks. It is an ideal way to pump chocolate or other fat based products a short distance from a tank to a continuous temperer, enrobing machine or other processing machine. It can also be used very easily to just “remote-dispense” chocolate directly into or onto a product on a different line, for example to add a layer of chocolate on a tray-baked product such as millionaire’s shortbread.

It is fitted with a heated flexible hose, a foot-pedal operated dispensing mechanism as well as a hand-operated dispensing trigger on the end of the hose. The system is supplied with all the components required to just “plug ‘n play”.

Optional Extras include:

  • 110V to 240V Step-Up Transformer
  • Deposit Timer
  • Speed Control
  • The System includes the following components (reference main image):
  • C1. Pump and motor assembly
  • C2. Control panel
  • C3. Foot pedal (with 2 pin plug)
  • C4. Tri clamps and seals
  • C5. Motor switch and box (with 3 pin plug)
  • C6. Butterfly valve
  • C7. Hose clamp and fittings
  • C8. Flexible heated hose (with 4 pin plug)