INFINITY LX Chocolate Tempering Machine

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The new INFINITY Series chocolate tempering machines are fitted with a custom-designed chocolate pump, instead of an auger or wheel. The INFINITY LX has a 60kg tank capacity but it can be operated with as little as 4 kgs of chocolate. With a footprint of 600 x 600mm, it requires much less space than a traditional wheel machine or continuous temperer of equivalent capacity. Chocolate is manually tempered using seed.

Tempering Method

First melt your chocolate to 45˚c. If you’re starting from solid callets, this will take approximately 3 hours and so is often done overnight. You then have two choices for how to temper your chocolate:

Method 1 – Set the temperature as required and add more solid chocolate callets (seed) equivalent to 20-30% of the melted chocolate in your tank. Your chocolate will be tempered in approximately 30 minutes,       OR

Method 2 – Allow the melted chocolate to cool to 34-35˚c, then add 2-3kgs of seed or 1% of Mycryo (or pre-crystallised cocoa butter). Your chocolate will be tempered in 5-10 minutes.

Once tempered, your chocolate will remain tempered for up to 8 hours in the INFINITY LX without the need for any extra stirring or heat. By comparison, a typical 30kg, 60kg or 100kg wheel moulding machine will only keep your chocolate tempered for a maximum of 4 hours unattended in perfect conditions.

Other features include:

  • Foot-pedal operated dosing system (with optional timer control)
  • Variable flow rate and interchangeable nozzles
  • Dual agitation for efficient seed tempering with no dead spots
  • Cover totally encloses chocolate to protect it from contamination
  • Vibrating table attachment (optional)
  • Depositing head (optional)

Our next generation INFINITY LX pumped chocolate moulding machine has been specifically designed to serve as the backbone of a versatile, modular chocolate production system and is manufactured in the UK.


The INFINITY LX is such a good machine that I’ve just bought a second one. It’s easy to temper and it really does stay on temper for the whole day”….. Alex from Kernow Confectionery, about the INFINITY LX


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  • Operating capacity: min 4kgs - max 60kgs
  • Operating environment: max 20˚c
  • Direct heating
  • Variable speed pump
  • Digital temperature control
  • All stainless steel
  • Dimensions: (W) 600mm x (D) 600mm x (H) 940mm
  • Single phase, 220-240V
  • Power 1.4kW
  • No plumbing necessary
  • OPTIONAL vibrating table
  • OPTIONAL depositing head
  • OPTIONAL deposit timer control