INFINITY LX Chocolate Tempering Machine

£4,850.00excl. VAT

The new INFINITY Series chocolate tempering machines are fitted with a custom-designed chocolate pump, instead of an auger or wheel. The INFINITY LX has a 75kg tank capacity but it can be operated with as little as 4 kgs of chocolate. With a footprint of 600 x 600mm, it requires much less space than a traditional wheel machine or continuous temperer of equivalent capacity. Chocolate is manually tempered using seed.


First melt your chocolate to 45˚c. If you’re starting from solid callets, this will take approximately 3 hours and so is often done overnight. You then have two choices for how to temper your chocolate:

Method 1 – Set the temperature as required and add more solid chocolate callets (seed) equivalent to 30-40% of the melted chocolate in your tank. Your chocolate will be tempered in approximately 30 minutes,       OR

Method 2 – Allow the melted chocolate to cool to 34-35˚c, then add 2-3kgs of seed or 1% of Mycryo (or pre-crystallised cocoa butter). Your chocolate will be tempered in 5-10 minutes.

Once tempered, your chocolate will remain tempered for up to 8 hours in the INFINITY LX without the need for any extra stirring or heat. By comparison, a typical 30kg, 60kg or 100kg wheel moulding machine will only keep your chocolate tempered for a maximum of 4 hours unattended in perfect conditions.


The optional depositing head and deposit timer allow you to quickly, cleanly and accurately fill your moulds, whether they are 500g bars or 5g solid chocolate novelties.

The LX is supplied with a foot pedal as standard. If your primary application is just to make solid chocolate bars, then this may be all you need.


The INFINITY LX can be used for many different applications making it an extremely flexible and versatile machine to have. These include:

  • Depositing a measured quantity of chocolate into a mould
  • With the INFINITY AML to create a fully automatic solid chocolate moulding line
  • As a feeder tank for other machinery such as enrobing/depositing lines and continuous temperers
  • With chocolate or compound


  • Foot-pedal operated dosing system (with optional timer control)
  • Variable flow rate and interchangeable nozzles
  • Dual agitation for efficient seed tempering with no dead spots
  • Cover totally encloses chocolate to protect it from contamination
  • Vibrating table attachment (optional)
  • Depositing head (optional)
  • Deposit Timer (optional)

Our next generation INFINITY Series chocolate tempering machines have been specifically designed to serve as the backbone of a versatile, modular chocolate production system and are manufactured in the UK.


The INFINITY LX is such a good machine that I’ve just bought a second one. It’s easy to temper and it really does stay on temper for the whole day”….. Alex from Kernow Confectionery, about the INFINITY LX


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  • Operating capacity: min 4kgs - max 75kgs
  • Operating environment: max 20˚c
  • Direct heating
  • Variable speed pump
  • Digital temperature control
  • All stainless steel
  • Dimensions: (W) 600mm x (D) 600mm x (H) 940mm
  • Single phase, 220-240V
  • Power 1.4kW
  • No plumbing necessary
  • OPTIONAL vibrating table
  • OPTIONAL depositing head
  • OPTIONAL deposit timer control