MM08 Moulding Machines

8kg table-top moulding machine.

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A very compact table-top chocolate moulding machine that is ideal as an entry-level or secondary machine for chocolatiers or for a small patisserie or pastry kitchen. It is also perfect as a demonstration machine.

Tempering Method

First melt your chocolate to 45˚c. If you’re starting from solid callets, this will take approximately 4-5 hours and so is often done overnight. You then have two choices for how to temper your chocolate:

Method 1 – Set the temperature as required and add more solid chocolate callets (seed) equivalent to 20-30% of the melted chocolate in your tank. Your chocolate will be tempered in 15-20 minutes, OR

Method 2 – Allow the melted chocolate to cool to 34-35˚c, then add 1kg of seed or 1% of Mycryo (pre-crystallised cocoa butter). Your chocolate will be tempered in approximately 5 minutes.

Once tempered, your chocolate will typically remain tempered for up to 1 hour. If it starts to thicken up, you can use a heat gun to warm up the chocolate and stir it in.

  • 8kg vat capacity
  • 300W heater
  • Variable speed wheel
  • Digital temperature control
  • All stainless steel
  • Dimensions: (W) 435mm x (D) 510mm x (H) 480mm
  • Single phase, 220-240V
  • No plumbing necessary