Cooling Tunnels

Precise cooling is as important as correct tempering to ensure that your chocolate has the high gloss and clean snap that is the mark of a master chocolatier. This is why all KeyChoc linear cooling tunnels are designed with multiple individually regulated cooling zones and highly responsive temperature control.

Our linear cooling tunnels are generally configured with an infeed section, any number of 2 metre cooling sections and an outfeed section. Both the infeed and outfeed can be configured to suit your exact requirements. Our standard belt widths are 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm, but we can make tunnels with a belt-width up to 1500mm. The number of cooling units will depend on the length of the tunnel and the application.

We are also able to manufacture multi-level cooling tunnels, custom-designed  and built to suit your exact needs and premises. For example, instead of using a 36m long cooling tunnel for solid chocolate bars, you could instead use a 12m long, 3 level, cooling tunnel to get the same cooling time in a much smaller space.


  • All structural components are made from stainless steel
  • The hoods are made using a stainless steel sandwich construction with 30mm thick insulation and an air-tight seal between sections to ensure high energy efficiency
  • The in-feed and out-feed belt sections can be made to any length
  • The main belt can start or end with either a knife-edge or a roller


  • The main belt speed would typically be electronically controlled within a speed range of 0.5 to 3 metres per minute, but the belt speed range can be geared to your requirements
  • The main belt is fitted with mechanical or pneumatic (depending on size) auto-tracking sensors
  • All KeyChoc cooling tunnels can be supplied with a separate “belt-break” out-feed to ensure that your chocolates do not remain stuck to the belt.

Temperature Regulation

  • Linear cooling tunnels can be supplied with up to six independently cooled thermostatically controlled zones
  • Compressors can be internally or externally located
  • The cooling tunnel employs both convection and radiation cooling for maximum performance.

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