About KeyChoc

KeyChoc has a long history of working with chocolate machinery dating back to 1991, as the UK agent for various Continental European manufacturers, as a second-hand machinery stockist and through the provision of a machinery repair and reconditioning service. It is this in-depth experience of working with so many other brands that prompted us to develop the KeyChoc standard range of chocolate machinery, starting in 2005.

KeyChoc was originally a division of Keylink Ltd, but has been an independent company since 2010. Keylink, now our sister company, has been a leading supplier in the chocolate sector for over 50 years, providing chocolate, ingredients, packaging and accessories to chocolatiers.

In 2010, we established SEMMco as a joint venture chocolate machinery manufacturing company based in Sheyang Province in China. Whilst much of our design and precision engineering continued to be carried out in the UK, SEMMco allowed us to widen our manufacturing base to include the production of larger machinery, ranging from melting tanks and cooling tunnels to coating and polishing machines.

In 2017, we decided to move all our manufacturing back to the UK and we no longer make anything in China.

Keychoc is a supplier of vibrating tables and guitar cutters to the Barry Callebaut UK Academy and has become a trusted partner for artisan and industrial chocolate producers throughout the UK and in many other countries throughout the world.