BT150 Automatic Batch Temperer

150kg batch temperer

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If you currently temper your chocolate manually, or if you simply require more tempering capacity, our KeyChoc fully automatic batch tempering tanks could be just what you need. The BT150 has a tank capacity of 150kgs.

  • Take the mystery out of tempering and free up the time of your most experienced staff
  • Achieve consistently tempered chocolate every time
  • No more expensive wasted batches
  • Increase the daily potential of your moulding machines
  • Hold temper for long periods of time (due to stirrer action)
  • Typically 50% less water consumption than other machines available
  • Designed with easy cleaning in mind
  • All stainless steel construction

The BT Series tanks need to be connected to a water supply.

  • Fully automatic batch tempering
  • 150kg capacity
  • Forced water cooling
  • Scraped surface stirrer
  • Pulsed water inlet control for maximum efficiency
  • Typically uses 50% less water than competitive tanks
  • Good access for cleaning
  • Constructed from high quality stainless steel
  • Enclosed insulation
  • Digital, programmable controller
  • 3 phase, 415V
  • Dimensions: (W) 900mm x (H) 1500mm
  • Plumbing needed (infeed/outfeed)