“We purchased a BT75 Automatic Batch Tempering Tank from KeyChoc and it truly was the best thing I have ever bought. I love it more than my car – and that’s saying something!

The machine is a joy to use and works perfectly. A KeyChoc engineer installed it when we first purchased it and explained how to use it. It has been wonderful and has definitely helped grow our business.”

Wendy Sullivan
Ruby’s Bakery



What I really value about KeyChoc is the level of service they provide. My chocolate is a dairy-free and low sugar recipe and is not the easiest to work with but the AX handles it perfectly! If there is ever a problem, a KeyChoc engineer will respond within a day or two to get me back up and running. In my business, that’s not only invaluable, but essential.

Stephen Conway
Pure Heavenly Chocolate



Just wanted to say that the service Keychoc offered me was one of the best I have ever had. It was fast, efficient, and the team went the extra mile when it was needed. You, Andrea, showed interest, were informative and proactive, and solved every problem I found on my way. Your customer service was absolutely exceptional, without a doubt.

Ariel Rikower
Cocoa Wharf Chocolates



“Keychoc equipment is second to none. Most of our mission-critical equipment is made by them. None of it fails and if there is any maintenance required, the team are always on the end of the phone. We have KeyChoc machinery that’s over 10 years old and it still performs like new. I’d recommend them to anybody regardless of business size.”

Mark Owen
Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company



“I purchased my first KeyChoc Infinity AX machine two years ago, while we were in the process of expanding the business. I was so pleased with the workings of the machine, the wonderful finished product it allowed me to produce, and the high level of support I received from KeyChoc staff, that I purchased a second KeyChoc machine 12 months ago.”

Andrew Kennard
Kennards Chocolates



“I have 2 Infinity AXs, 2 AMLs and an MT500 from KeyChoc. They are all excellent, well-built machines that perform really well with my chocolate and are easy to use and clean. I can leave my team to run them while I’m elsewhere, safe in the knowledge that not much can go wrong with them. The guys at KeyChoc have been amazing and really helpful with advice and suggestions.”

Stephen Conway
Pure Heavenly Chocolate



“We get through kilos of coatings every week and use the KeyChoc machine for all our bakery requirements, especially Millionaires Shortbread, Tiffin, Chocolate Crispy Crunch etc. The machine saves so much time and money. It’s quick and efficient and we’re not throwing away chocolate all the time. Now we can top a rack of Millionaires Shortbread (100 bars) in less than 15 minutes.”

Dave Sullivan
Ruby’s Bakery